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RAYS The concept is racing.

RAYS The concept is racing.

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The essence of RAYS' forging technologies is based on providing high-performance, high-quality wheels at affordable prices

Manufacturing forged wheels is difficult work, so only a limited number of companies around the world are involved in this line of business. Rays boasts the most advanced technological capabilities of all these companies. It takes special pride in having established a system that enables high-performance forged wheels to be provided at reasonable prices while continuing to offer not only a variety of size settings, but also a diverse range of designs that meet market needs through continuous technological innovation.

RAYS has long been the market leader for forged wheels in Japan (according to data published annually by JAWA on aluminum wheel sales). The reliability of its technology is underscored not only by the large number of wheels it sell, but also by the high percentage of its wheels used at racing circuits both here in Japan and abroad and the numerous victories it has won at the GT1 World Championships and the GT championships in Japan.
By offering high-performance wheels in the various designs and sizes required by many users, RAYS strives to ensure that anyone can purchase its wheels, whether it's here in Japan or elsewhere in the world. At the same time, RAYS believes that it can incorporate outstanding performance into its forged wheels at affordable prices by participating in competitive car races and combining technologies across product lines for racing wheels and road wheels.

Reason behind RAYS wheels: World's leading forging technology