Rays actively builds its corporate brand through various cultural channels like computer games. Every year, Rays finds pleasure in actively interacting with end-users by participating in over 100 events, including Tokyo Auto Salon and other motor shows around the world. The feedback from users greatly helps us in developing new wheels. We will try to provide enriched contents like videos to seek better communication with a wide range of users.
■ Rays involved in gaming?
[GRAN TURISMO SPORT] for PlaySation 4 is scheduled to release on October 19, 2017. New interactions including adding RAYS logo to your vehicle and coloring functions, as well as the option to choose from the latest RAYS wheel line-up are all part of the new software. Enjoy the customization with the latest RAYS wheel and coloring!
Of course, Rays doesn’t produce games per se. But we do provide wheels and digital data to ensure high quality of realistic driving games. It has been some time since they pointed to the abandonment of cars among youngsters. We do hope that our involvement will help these people to discover the pleasure of driving and customizing cars.
Potential of virtual reality
Speaking of digital technologies, virtual reality has become increasingly familiar. Having a boundless appetite for exciting things, Rays cannot ignore the technology. Currently we are exploring the possible application by using driving simulators. There is no doubt that virtual reality will play essential role in wheel development.
Cross-industrial collaboration, etc.
Rays actively engages in cross-industrial collaboration to enhance its brand value. The Rays x G-Shock released jointly with Casio in 2015 and 2016 is the case in point. These watches were in great demand and sold out to eager customers. Don’t miss the 2017 model in the pipeline!