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RAYS The concept is racing.

RAYS The concept is racing.

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G025 BR/C

Upgraded wine red wheels look both young and mature.

The first 19-inch G025 that debuted in 2019 was named after the G series and the 0 series. G025 is the emotional form of the G series and features the weightless holes characteristic of the 0 series and 5-mm thin spokes that are impossible to achieve with conventional technologies.
They are the epitome of professionally forged wheels. In 2020, we introduced special DB/C (Dark Blue/DC) when we put 20-inch wheels on the market. The praise that we then received for an amazing aspect unique to the G025 is fresh in our memory—some spokes appeared light blue, while some other spokes and holes sections appeared dark blue, and still other spokes appeared to be nearly black.
In 2021, upon the debut of our 18-inch applications, we introduce the limited model BR/C. BR/C stands for Bordeaux red and clear. Unlike the dark color of the previous model G025DB/C, BR/C expresses a high spirit that reminds us of the color of young Bordeaux wine.

G025 BR/C
G025 >
G025 DB/C >

  • Method:Forged 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 2
  • Color:Bordeaux Red Clear/DC(AD)
  • Included:Center Cap, Air Valve
  • Optional:EU Parts Set
  • ※Please refer to the option parts tab below.

  • VR CAP MODEL-03 BK/Chrome
    (Cap number: 1)
  • European Aluminum Air Valve RAYS BK
    (Valve number: 49)
  • 11
  • 22
  • 33
  • 44
  • 55
  • 66

Optional Color

  1. 1.Gunmetal (GM)
  2. 2.Dark Gunmetal (DG)
  3. 3.Gold (GO)
  4. 4.Matte Blue Gunmetal (GB)
  5. 5.Black (BK)
  6. 6.Matte Black (MB)
  • 77
  • 88
  • 99
  • 1010
  • 1111
  • 1212

Optional Color

  1. 7.Diamond Black (DB)
  2. 8.Dash White (DW)
  3. 9.MAG Blue (BL)
  4. 10.RED (RE)
  5. 11.Hyper Blue (HL)
  6. 12.Hyper Red (HR)
  • 1313

Optional Color

  1. 13.Racing Green (IG)


G025 BR/C information