AZURE is defined as sunny/clear weather.

This targets users enjoying driving freely in a SAV (Sports Activie Vehicle) under the blue sky. This vehicle segment is an essential part of ones life.

The S of SAV stands for sports, and the design stream is based on sports. The standard SUV and station wagon’s roofline resembles a coupe style. The gramLIGHTS AZURE provides the same sportiness for this stylish vehicle segment.

The gramLIGHTS AZURE SAV Concept’s S is not just for sports, but also includes resemblance to smartness and spaciousness. This “Another Sky” concept of gramLIGHTS is to show off the footwork as well as the lifestyle of these users.

It is often taboo to enjoy sports and wear it smart.
The AZURE series with a sports taste is not too large of fitment and caters to the stock size configuration + α. This matches the body line and creates a clean and beautiful scene.
The AZURE series concept is about offering a bolt-on application to change the car to a sportiness feel, which is high in cost performance.
Wheels made by hybrid machining have such a shape and brilliance that they appear as if they were cast wheels made by full machining. World’s-first mass production technology has been used to create a double surface by fusing a diamond cut surface with a machining surface, resulting in an extremely elaborate masterpiece that showcases Japanese craftsmanship.
By repeatedly adjusting the machining and diamond cut junction, we determined the optimal shape for each model. The brilliance changes depending on the viewing angle, and the unique, overwhelming three-dimensional appearance provides exclusive enjoyment to owners.
*Design registered/Patent pending
We gave the spokes depth to create a sense of volume. We used undercutting on the lower rim spoke to reduce strain and also to make the wheels lighter.
Moreover, we coordinated the center cap colors with each item and color. We used blue, AZURE’s trademark color, to finish the ornament. Attention to detail can also be seen in the fact that the valve colors may be changed to match a given color.

Car life is enjoying an active lifestyle.
For example, driving to a sports event in a minivan or SUV, carpooling with friends to go to a motorsports event to the circuit, or even driving through the mountains…refreshes the daily life.
To help support the pleasure of driving, why not improve the footwork with a set of gramLIGHTS. Wear it, show it, and enjoy it; this is gramLIGHTS AZURE.

gramLIGHTS Light Weight Concept

AZURE is brought to the market by gramLIGHTS.
Is there awareness to the most important concept which cannot be forgotten?
With the badge of gramLIGHTS, the standard is always including Lightweight, High Rigidity, and High Performance to the table.
The true performance of gramLIGHTS which is created to the limits of a cast wheel to withstand drifting competitions is now shared with the AZURE series.
Of course, all these products are Made in Japan.