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RAYS The concept is racing.

RAYS The concept is racing.

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Important information for OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS !

All products sold and distributed through RAYS Authorized Dealer indicate an extra [SEAL OF AUTHENTICATION] sticker on each wheel package.
This seal confirms this product to be distributed direct from RAYS Co., Ltd to the authorized overseas market.
To ensure the integrity of RAYS products and services (including limited warranty), please save this portion and keep with the original warranty card and original purchase receipt.

CAUTION!: We do not support parallel exports. Only product sold to authorized dealers will have this Seal of Authentication.

Caution for counterfeit RAYS wheels !

Thank you very much for your continuous support of RAYS products and services.

Please exercise caution when shopping for our products. According to investigations we have performed, counterfeit RAYS products are currently in circulation. Although we neither manufactured nor sold these products, they make unauthorized use of our trademarked RAYS brand name, and recently there have been reports of their being easily accessible to purchase on the internet as well as auction sites, etc., both in Japan and globally.

We cannot accept any responsibility for equipment failure and/or accidents resulting from the use of counterfeit products, and we ask that you purchase our products only at authorized dealerships. Authorized dealer information can easily be found through our official website via

RAYS has continually been taking steps to combat counterfeits by arranging for their confiscation at customs check points and so forth, however, to ensure protection against counterfeits, we ask that you view the example comparison below for your reference. Please exercise caution when shopping for our products.

Thank you again for your attention, and we look forward to your continued patronage.

※ The RAYS ENG engraving has been counterfeited as well.

※ RAYS Wheels feature smaller holes between the bolt-holes to lighten weight, but the counterfeit products are generic and feature multi-PCD holes instead.

※ RAYS products feature the three stickers shown below affixed to the reverse side of the rims. They also come with a product warranty and instruction manual. Please check for these items before purchasing our products at a dealership. Thank you.

Beware of counterfeit watches!

It has been confirmed that watches using design such as our TE37 and TE37SL wheels are being sold in the marketplace.

This is a trademark infringement and completely unrelated to our company. Thank you for your attention.