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RAYS The concept is racing.

Channeling its know-how and experience into new wheel shapes
RAYS' cutting-edge analytical technologies

Both hardware (manufacturing) suited to the level of performance required and advanced software (analytical technologies) are indispensable in the production of aluminum wheels. RAYS makes effective use of the data we gain from cutting-edge car racing, including F1, for its road wheels, too. RAYS has its own development arm, which utilizes its analytical results to develop ever better wheels by reducing the weight as much as possible and increasing safety.

RAYS accumulates various kinds of data from the development of racing wheels and feeds it back into the development of street wheels. This in turn generates more data, which is then utilized in the development of road wheels. RAYS does not separate the development of racing wheels from that of street wheels; it shares all of its technical data and manufacturing technologies between them and uses the shared data and technologies to develop superior wheels. The linchpin of its wheel development processes is its analytical technologies, including rigidity analysis.
RAYS develops ever more ideal products by analyzing wheels that have been designed through a variety of processes, and the resultant technologies are used to create RAYS' superior wheels. Another important application of wheel analysis technologies is to thoroughly analyze designs that may seem impracticable under normal circumstances and to make them viable.

Designing performance with advanced analysis technology