“Next Generation Hybrid Surface Treatment”—The design concept of the AZURE 57ANA is to express next generation three dimensionality, even in narrow sizes.
From up front, it appears to be a rim over type 2×5 spoke, however, the moment the angle shifts, you will immediately see an entirely different expression. This is due to the new incorporation (an industry’s first) of a high dimensional fusion of machining and diamond cutting—a process treatment that continues a design on two-dimensional and three-dimensional surfaces. As a result, the center part changes its appearance depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Not only that, such aspects are further highlighted by a design that focuses on the vertical section of the spoke by purposefully limiting its concaveness, thereby drawing out its three-dimensionality. The center cap has also been newly manufactured to match each color.

“One look is worth a thousand words.”

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In between the 2x5 spoke are 5 sub spokes, for a subtle fin type design.
The different levels of the spoke configuration provides a dimensional feel even with a high offset size.
The compact size 17 inch for the compact car has a design point around the nut hole for an elongated spoke image.

The first round of the AZURE series targeting the M~L class SUV & Minivans.
The narrow spoke of the 2x5 design and the round rim flange design provides an exclusive feel matching the tire, adapting to the large body mass and a sports feel.

The 3rd round of the AZURE Series is the “FUN CAR” SUZUKI SAMURAI’s exclusive 57JMA.
The same features of a round rim can still withstand harsh conditions.
The Diamond cut feature on the spoke provides a city life feel, while the deep profile provides high strength. No matter ON of OFF, this performance is versatile.